Tribal Cycle

by Anatag


God is in the detail. Every little thing is a piece of something bigger. Tribal cycle is a glimpse into the world of Anatag, it’s a whiff of the brand’s essence. Anyone who wears this will automatically be in sync with our inspiration and truth. With top-notch fabrics, reflective trim details for visibility and an anatomical shape for enhanced movement   –among many other features–, this kit is the window into our soul.


  • Antistatic: Absorbs and disperses electric charges.
  • Bacteriostatic: Respects the skin and protects it from bacteria and pollutant dusts.
  • Heat regulating and moisture transfer: Speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, slows down formation of skin humidity and keeps temperature constant.
  • High performance: Lowers the concentrations of lactic acid, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of cells.
  • Natural: 100% Natural, non-toxic and no chemicals.
  • Reflective: Protects the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV rays.


  • Strong: high impact foam, shock absorption
  • Soft: high-density memory foam for additional comfort.
  • Thin: mid-impact foam.
  • Elastic: open cell foam.