Ashley Horner

Ashley is a fitness celebrity, entrepreneur, cross-over athlete, pro fitness competitor, ultra-runner, and triathlete. She’s also a competitive soccer player with the Guam National Soccer team and has authored 15 training and nutrition programs. In her training facility, American Sled Dogs, she teaches women and men to never give up on their fitness goals and in her children’s fitness site, SledPups, she coaches young athletes who compete around the nation. But Ashley is not only an excellent doer, she’s also an even greater giver. She offers scholarships for children to help pay the cost of sports; she operates the Unbroken Foundation, a foundation to help support battered women and children living in shelters out of her American Sled Dogs facility; she has begun work in Haiti with Maison Fortune Orphanage, and she has helped raise money for many causes, including riding 1,374 miles from Virginia to Oklahoma in honor of people who have lost their lives to cancer and for those who are still fighting.

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