Our inspiration begins with us, with what moves us. Our love for sports, wellness and art drove us to create products that would not only be beautiful and high quality, but that would –most importantly– exceed all our expectations. We delved into our roots and found that there is no richer art than that of the indigenous tribes of the Americas. They live their art while having a spiritual communion with nature and –in a way– that’s what we want to mimic. We want people to liveAnatag, to feel the tingle of its essence in every thread.


Pima. That was the one word we needed for us –and the rest of our extended family– to get hooked. For those who don’t know, Pima is one of the finest cottons in the world. It’s softer, stronger and longer lasting than standard cotton. And it’s originally from Peru, but got its name from the Pima tribe who first cultivated it in the southwest United States. In a nutshell: our socks are silky soft and are guaranteed to last.


For nothing to become something, there has to be an idea, a seed. We planted our seed deep in the native cultures of Latin America and embarked on a journey that ignited our inspiration and moved our spirit. And then we dipped our brush into Indian history and created designs that serve as testimony of the beauty that dwells outside urban systems. Art defines a part of our character and thus we’ve become quite attached to the idea of being a canvas in motion. That’s why –in the near future– our idea is to integrate the craft of other artists and fuse their unique vision with ours.


Exceptional quality is what we stand for. Our socks are manufactured in Peru and our activewear in Colombia with top-of-the-line materials.